Bin Lorry Driver Jailed After School Trip Coach Crash

Nicholas Buck, a bin lorry driver, has been jailed for three years and fourth months, after admitting to causing the death of a young girl. The driver pleaded guilty last month to causing death by dangerous driving after a crash in July last year.

Fourteen year old Holly Brown died at the scene after Buck’s lorry crashed into a minibus on the A38 in Castle Vale in Birmingham that was carrying her and her classmates from a school in Staffordshire. Holly was among a group of pupils and teachers from the Barton-under-Needwood school travelling on the bus as part of an art trip.

Buck had had eight penalty points cleared from his licence for driving without due care and attention after failing to stop at an accident in 2014. He has now been disqualified from driving for five years and eight months at Birmingham Crown Court.

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