Exam Joy as Science Test Turns Into a Visit to a Theme Park

When a class of primary school students sat down for an exam paper, they had no idea what would happen next…

The year 6 class of St Andrews School in Nuthurst, West Sussex had spent all week taking their SATS exams and they thought that this was just another test. When they turned the paper over however, rather than seeing the science test they had been promised, they read that they were to spend the rest of the day at Chessington World of Adventures. The “exam” finished with the command, “Let’s go on some rollercoasters!”

The trip was planned by deputy head, Sam Bacon, who said: "I felt like I wanted to do something slightly more for them as they had been working so hard and it came to me that we could surprise them."

All parents were informed of the trip by email and asked to keep the details from their children.

"They kept the secret brilliantly," he said.

The trip was planned to alleviate the stress of their SATS exams.

"We tell them that it is important to try their best, but the result does nothing more than to tell them what they can do in those specific subjects, and there is far more to education than that."

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