School trips may be axed by school in financial crisis

Paddock Wood Primary School in Tonbridge, Kent is considering axing school trips to save money.

A letter sent to parents and teachers from governors, warns that trips are one of the areas under threat for pupils at the school, as part of forthcoming budget cuts.

The letter went on to say that the “financial picture is bleak”

It is not just trips that are under threat: investment in ICT, outdoor education, grounds and building maintenance, minibuses and staff development could be slashed as part of “drastic measures” which may have to be taken.

The disclosure of the schools financial predicament was followed two days later by news that the school would become an academy. Parents and carers were desperate to learn the fate of the school, following a communication in December where they were told by Paddock Wood that a move to join the Leigh Academies Trust was being considered.  

This comes after months of anger and uncertainty among parents who desperately wanted to know the school’s future and whether or not it would join Leigh Academies Trust.


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