Student Banned From School Trip After Prank

Amir Hussain, a student at Eden Boys’ School, Bolton has told he will no longer be allowed to go on a £400 trip to Morocco after an incident on his final day at school.

Amir,16, had just finished his final day at school, when a group of boys started messing around throwing eggs and flour over each other. Following the incident, some damage was discovered to a staff member’s car and now he and the other boys involved, have been banned from their end of year trip to Morocco as well as their end of school party.

Amir’s mother, single parent Shaida, protests that the boys should be allowed back on the trip.

She said: “He has never been involved in any trouble. They are 16-year-old boys. I’m sure that it might have got a bit out of hand but everybody has done it.”

She added: “I think they have been really harsh. I just feel that the school should have come up with an alternative punishment. They are already banned from going to the school party. It is two punishments.

The school has confirmed that the parents of students who have been removed from the trip will get their trip costs refunded.

A spokesperson for the school said: “After school on Monday, there was an incident involving a very small number of pupils. The school has addressed the matter with the pupils and parents concerned.”

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