National Justice Museum

National Justice Museum

The only museum of its kind in Europe

Based at Nottingham's old county gaol, the Museum explores the fascinating history of crime and justice through time.


This unique museum houses three courtrooms, a prison and police station plus a collection of over 40,000 legal, police and prison-related historical objects and artefacts, including the HM Prison Service collection.

All of our activities are designed to engage your learners in History and Citizenship, with particular focus on the National Curriculum your pupils are studying. Through experiential learning, students are encouraged to embrace the opportunity to learn about law in real places outside the classroom. 

We can offer workshops for SEN groups across all our sites actually as long as these are booked in advance.

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“A great trip which was very detailed with lots of enthusiasm from the staff within the building. Very hands-on and practical.” Andrea Armstrong, Derwent Community Primary

“All Staff were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable leading to the best trip I have ever taken a class on. We will 100% return next year. My class are particularly hard to engage and keep focused however there was not one problem during the trip because it was so interesting and quick paced. The children and adults loved it! I got very good feedback from parents asking for details so they could take their children.” Teacher, St Marks School, Birmingham

“Overall, I really, really enjoyed my day. I feel that I have learnt a lot on a topic that I have not studied before. I thought that all of the staff fed us the information with great enthusiasm and that they were passionate about the subject, I also felt that all students were respected by the staff as they trusted us with artefacts. The atmosphere when visiting the museum is amazing as you really do understand the feeling of past prisoners and officers. I would definitely visit again (even for the 3rd time) as I find it different and interesting every time I go.” Y10 pupil, Ockbrook School

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Shire Hall
High Pavement at The Lace Market
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