Child Left Alone on Bus During School Trip

School coach with driver

A middle school in Dorset is going through a “thorough investigation” after one of its pupils was left on a coach overnight during a school trip.

Pupils were on a trip to see a theatre production in London when the incident occurred. The child had fallen asleep when they arrived at the hotel and did not get off the bus. After spending the night asleep on the locked coach in the hotel car park, the pupil was found the following morning.

The child was safe and well. Following the event, staff members communicated with the child’s parents and both parties were eager to continue the trip, which returned home the day after.

Despite a rigorous risk assessment taking place, unfortunately, the incident still occurred. The school acknowledges that it was a serious error and are taking appropriate measures to amend things by working with the parents and staff members to determine the events of the trip and have informed relevant authorities.

The school has reassured others that they have taken all suitable measures and actions to ensure this never happens again.

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