Types of trips: Adventure, Outdoors and Active, City Tourism, Sight-seeing, Relaxation, Food, Sports, Skiing, Nature and Wildlife, Historical and Cultural

Best known for: Football - Diego Maradona, Che Guevara, Landscapes, Iguazu Falls, Argentine Tango, Latin Music

Why Go?: Argentina is a country which is growing in popularity not only for holiday makers from the UK but also school trips. A diverse and beautiful country, Argentina's varied landscape and big cities offer all kinds of adventure.

Salt Flats, Argentina

Fact File

Population: 42.700,000

Capital: Buenos Aires

Language(s): Spanish

Ties to the UK?: Increasingly popular holiday destination, although beware of any undercurrents regarding hostility to UK citizens due to the Falklands War and Argentina's continued claim on Britain's sovereignty of them.

Landscape: Mountainous to the east and hilly to the west. Lakes, Rivers, Beaches, Glaciers, Waterfalls

Climate/Seasons: Due to the size and typography of the country the climate is very varied, tropical in the north and sub-polar in the south.

When to Go: Being in the southern hemisphere there seasons are reversed, so if you want sun you should head to the north in the summer but for skiing and other types of activities you should consider the summer months.

Reasons to Visit: Despite being in a different hemisphere and on the other side of the Atlantic Argentina's radically different landscapes mean a whole range of activities and adventures make it a fantastic location for a school trip.

How to Get There: As with any destination in the Americas you'll be flying in, beware of jetlag and prepare for a long flight. Also bear in mind you'll have a selection of direct and indirect flights, each have their pros and cons

Places to Go: Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario

Famous People: Pope Francis, Lionel Messi, Eva Peron, Diego Maradona

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Iguaza Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Lacar Lake, Mar del Plata Beaches

History: Colonisation, Peronism, Falkland War

Architecture: National Congress of Argentina, Alas Building, Barolo Palace, Kavanagh building

Culture: Tango dancing, Latin music, Art and literature

Sport: Football, Pato, Motor Racing, Basketball, Athletics, boxing

Events: Oktoberfest Argentina, Tilcara Carnival Festival, Malvinas Day

Watch Out For: Some areas have pickpockets praying on tourists, sunburn and dehydration in the north in the summer, don;t mention the Falklands as it is likely to bring a hostile reception

Medical Issues: No mandatory vaccinations

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