El Salvador

El Salvador

Types of trips: Historical, Cultural, Adventure, Geographical, Nature

Best known for: Volcanoes, Surfing Beaches, Mayan/Pipal Ruins, Pupusa National Food

Why Go?: This country is a great combination of idyllic tropical scenery, creative towns and local culture; any trip to El Salvador will be full of activities in both the night and day, and will be memorable for groups of all shapes and sizes. 

Fact File

Population: 6,290,000

Capital: San Salvador

Language(s): Spanish

Ties to the UK?: Increasingly popular holiday destination, good relationship

Landscape: El Salvador is the smallest country on the North American continent, and has hundreds of rivers and many lakes. The terrain is mostly mountainous with some lower coastal plains and a central plateau. 

Climate/Seasons: Tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons, with the former between May - October and the latter during the remaining months of the year. 

When to Go: The best time to visit is at the beginning or end of the dry season to avoid the peak tourism period and to get the best weather. 

Reasons to Visit: Local history, weather/landscape

How to Get There: Air travel is the best way to get to El Salvador from the UK - there are a few international airports in the country you can fly to. 

Places to Go: Military History Museum, El Campamento Guerrillero Simulado

Famous People: Salvador Sanchez Ceren, Magico Gonzalez, Antonio Saca

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Jardin Botanico La Laguna

History: Was a colony of Spain until independence in 1821 

Architecture: Iglesia El Rosario, La Pema

Culture: Strong Native American and European Spanish influences 

Sport: Football 

Events: Fiestas de Agosto, Day of the Children

Watch Out For: Be aware of crime risks and keep valuables safe, and make sure to check on the status of active volcanoes in the country.

Medical Issues: Some vaccines and boosters are advised - check here for a good general overview and always consult with a doctor.

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