Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Types of trips: Religious, Historical, Adventure, Exploration, Cultural, Relaxation

Best known for: Mecca, Oil, Gold, Mosques and other sites of religious importance

Why Go?: Saudi Arabia is a country full of wonders - from luxurious mosques and ancient archaeological cites to excellent diving opportunities and sweeping dramatic landscapes, this Arabian giant of a country will mesmerise any visitor!

Fact File

Population: 30,000,000

Capital: Riyadh

Language(s): Arabic

Ties to the UK?: Great political relationship

Landscape: Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, and is mostly desert with some shrubland areas. 

Climate/Seasons: High daytime temperatures with cool nights, with generally low rainfall and coolest and most pleasant temperatures during the winter November - February period. 

When to Go: Winter is the best time to go to Saudi Arabia - the summer heat regularly goes above 40°C and has extremely high humidity. 

Reasons to Visit: Sites of religious and historical importance, local attractions

How to Get There: There are many international airports in Saudi Arabia - while you may not be able to fly directly to all of them from the UK, it's best to check what sort of connecting flights you can take, whether its in Saudi Arabia itself or via another airport. 

Places to Go: Mada'in Saleh, National Museum of Saudi Arabia, 

Famous People: Yasser Al-Qahtani, Salman bin Abdulaziz

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Mada'in Saleh, Mount Uhud

History: Was once four separate regions, now united and known as Saudi Arabia, with the 20th century seeing the country become the largest oil producer in the world

Architecture: Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Quba Mosque, Abraj Al Bait

Culture: Many old traditions and attitudes still practiced in current society, with strong influences from certain branches of Islam

Sport: Football, Basketball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Horse/Camel Racing, Falconry

Events: Janadriyah National Museum, Jeddah Festival, Saudi National Day

Watch Out For: You will need a visa for travel into Saudi Arabia, and should make sure to sort this out well in advance of your trip! It's also worth researching the dates and information of Muslim pilgrimages to religious sites as the immense popularity of these could severely affect a trip to the area.

Medical Issues: Some vaccines and boosters are advised for travel into Saudi Arabia - make sure to check here for a general overview and always consult with a doctor. 

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