Types of trips: Cultural, Cuisine, Relaxation, Adventure, History

Best known for: Oil reserves, Local entertainment industry, Kuwait Towers

Why Go?: While inland Kuwait is quite dry and requires much patience to spot wildlife, the coastal resorts and cities are full of life and fantastic fun - with beaches, multiple museums, culinary excellence and general liveliness, spending time here will be an education in local culture & events!

Fact File

Population: 4,000,000

Capital: Kuwait City

Language(s): Arabic

Ties to the UK?: Good relationship, increasingly popular travel destination 

Landscape: Generally very flat and dry with sparse vegetation, with the majority of the population living near the capital & the sea. 

Climate/Seasons: The summer months of April - September can be extremely hot, while winter can get quite cool at night but pleasant in the daytime. Sandstorms can occur throughout the year with the majority of rainfall during winter, with thunderstorms most likely near the end of the year. 

When to Go: Spring is generally the best time to go - while there is a likelihood of sandstorms, the weather is most pleasant at this time and the local plant life is at its best. 

Reasons to Visit: Local food & culture

How to Get There: Flying is the best way to get to Kuwait from the UK - there is a good international airport that you should be able to fly direst to from London. 

Places to Go: Kuwait National Museum, Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum

Famous People: Nasser Mohammed, Zed Al Refai, Bader Almed Al-Mutawa, Mojeb al-Dousari

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Kuwait Zoo, Scientific Center & Aquarium

History: Once a major trade hub and boat building centre of the Gulf region, more recently prospering in science and technology until terror attacks & conflict with Iraq/Iran

Architecture: Kuwait Towers, Seif Palace, Al Hamra Tower, Bayan Palace, Grand Mosque

Culture: Very cosmopolitan culture, with strong theatrical traditions and many similarities to Bahrain

Sport: Football, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Rugby

Events: Hala Festival, Green Caravan Film Festival, Kuwait Jazz Festival

Watch Out For: You can often get a visa upon arrival in Kuwait, but certain documents may be needed and this only applies for those travelling by air - make sure to enquire in advance what will be needed, especially for groups.

Medical Issues: Some vaccines and boosters are advised - see here for a general overview and always consult with a doctor before travel

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