Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Types of trips: Music, Adventure, Relaxation, Cultural

Best known for: Steelpan instrument, Calypso/Chutney/Soca music styles, Oil/Gas, Beaches

Why Go?: As one of the less traditional Caribbean destinations, Trinidad and Tobago is full of beautiful forests and swamps to go with the standard white beaches of the area. A trip to these islands will be a cultural, musical and fantastical experience for all!

Fact File

Population: 1,200,000

Capital: Port of Spain

Language(s): English

Ties to the UK?: Excellent political relationship, increasingly popular travel destination

Landscape: A group of islands physically very close to South America that are a mix of mountains, plains and tropical vegetation.

Climate/Seasons: Generally tropical and warm, and dry for the first half of the year and wet for the second.

When to Go: The constantly warm weather means any time of year is pleasant to travel here, but the peak prices on the island occur between January - March, so avoiding this period will get you cheaper accommodation.

Reasons to Visit: Birdwatching/nature experiences, cricket, beaches, excellent weather

How to Get There: Travelling by air is your best option from the UK - there are a few good international airports in the country you can fly to. 

Places to Go: Pirate's Bay, Queens Park Savannah, 

Famous People: Billy Ocean, Brian Lara, Rudolph Walker, Trevor McDonald

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Emperor Valley Zoo, Asa Wright Nature Centre

History: Former Spanish and British colonies with periods of French and Dutch rule, gained independence in 1962

Architecture: Fort King George

Culture: Many religious and musical influences

Sport: Cricket, Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Canoeing

Events: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, Religious Festivals

Watch Out For: Although the country is rarely affected by hurricanes, there can be strong tropical storms - always watch the forecast in the wet season. 

Medical Issues: No mandatory vaccinations, but some may be advised for you - see here for a good general overview and always consult with a doctor.

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