Types of trips: Historical and Cultural, Events and Festivals, City tourism, Outdoor and Active, Sight-seeing, Relaxation

Best known for: Giant Panda, The Great Wall of China, Terra Cotta Army, Fireworks, Cuisine

Why Go?: The most populous country in the world, China has one of the most diverse and interesting cultures in existence. A trip to China will give your students an insight into what China is actually like and expose them to the culture and language of one of the growing influences on the world for their generation.

Fact File

Population: 1,350,700,000

Capital: Beijing

Language(s): Mandarin, Putonghua, Guoyu (Standard Chinese)

Ties to the UK?: Friendly, cooperative and close political relationship

Landscape: Grassland, Arable land, Alluvial plains, hills, Mountain ranges (bigger in the west), Desert 

Climate/Seasons: Because of it's size and topography there is a great diversity of weather conditions in China, the north-east has hot and dry summers but very cold winters. The north and central regions have almost non-stop rainfall with hot summers and cold winters. The south-east has a lot of rainfall with warm summers and cold winters

When to Go: The weather will more than likely be a big decider as to when to go but you should bear in mind that the Chinese New Year is one of the most spectacular celebrations in the world.

Reasons to Visit: One of the most fascinating countries in the world, take your students and enjoy as many of Chinas facets as you can. It is bound to amaze everyone!

How to Get There: You'll be flying out, there will be the option of both direct and in-direct flights so choose carefully and remember the effects of jetlag. Once you're there the train services are very good.

Places to Go: Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, The Forbidden City, Yellow Mountains, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong

Famous People: Yip Man, Ma Tse-tung, Confucius, Ming-Na, Dalai Lama

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Jiuzhaigou, Wilingyuan, Yarling Tsangpo Canyon

History: Imperial China, Republic of China, People's Republic of China

Architecture: Temple of Heaven, Summer Palacem Potala Palace, Oriental Pearl, Great Wall of China

Culture: Certain cultural etiquette dictates all of social encounters, Folk music performed 

Sport: Badminton, Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Martial arts

Events: Chinese New Year, Dragon-boat Festival, The Moon Festival

Watch Out For: Check the current states of affairs in the individual regions that you plan to visit using the website - also remember that you and each student will need a visa to enter the country, so leave plenty of time for the application process.

Medical Issues: Vaccinations required, talk to your G.P. at least 8 weeks before the trip about visiting China. If any of your party are on prescription medication, make sure you either bring enough with you, or have access to a supply once in China. Certain medicines may not be available in China (including major brands readily available in the UK), and you may be prohibited from bringing some medicines into the country. For more information and advice, check with your GP and the Embassy of China before travelling.

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