Types of trips: Adventure, Cultural Experiences, Cuisine, Geographical

Best known for: Taipei 101, Night Food Markets, The Presidential Palace 

Why Go?: Taiwan is a country full of life - with all night markets, fascinating folk traditions and friendly people, there is almost too much to do and too many places to go for one trip!

Fact File

Population: 23,000,000

Capital: Taipei

Language(s): Standard Chinese

Ties to the UK?: Increasingly popular travel destination

Landscape: Mostly mountainous in the east, with gently inclining plains in the west that house the majority of the population. 

Climate/Seasons: Rainy in the north from January - March and typhoons common throughout in July - October, and generally hot and humid from June - September.

When to Go: Autumn and spring are the prime time to visit Taiwan, as the weather isn't as extreme as the summer period.

Reasons to Visit: With art, culture, music and food all popular in Taiwan, this will be a destination that people of all ages and interests can enjoy.

How to Get There: Air travel is the best way to get to Taiwan - there are several international airports you can fly to. 

Places to Go: National Palace Museum, Alishan National Scenic Area

Famous People: Ang Lee, Ma Ying-Jeou, Godfrey Gao

Natural Wonders/Wildlife: Taroko National Park, Sun Moon Lake

History: Rapid economic growth in the 20th Century, some dispute between Taiwan and China

Architecture: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Mengjia Longshan Temple

Culture: A mix of many influences including China, Japanese and general Western values

Sport: Baseball, Basketball, Tae Kwon Do

Events: Hot Spring Season, Flower Festivals

Watch Out For: Some likelihood of petty crime, so be careful of large crowds and keep valuables safe

Medical Issues: Some vaccines and boosters may be advised - check here for an general overview and always consult a doctor. 

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